Juergen Mueller

Spam over Internet Telephony und Privacy im Kontext des IP Multimedia Subsystem

Jürgen Müller


The change into next generation networks is in progress. One of the keytechnologies for the new corenetworks is the IP multimedia Subsystem. At the same time the amount of E-Mail-Spam is growing. The quantity of E-Mail-Spam has risen to around 85 %. This development in the voice over internet protcol sector threatens the whole service. The existance of spam over internet telephony was proven by an experiment of the University of Duisburg-Essen. The distribution of spam over internet telephony was demonstrated by an experimental Honeypot. This proves, that spam over internet telephony is a real problem. The object of this thesis is to establish methods of spam over internet telephony prevention. However, these methods only work with strong identitys. For this reason the thesis at hand describes securityprocedures for authentication of the participants. But the session initiation protocol allows peer-to-peer-calls. Since the direct transmission of spam over internet telephony bypasses the IP multimedia Subsystem, servers are not able to check the messages for spam over internet telephony. Therefore this thesis developes a concept to provide protection against this form of spam over internet telephony.

Publication Title

Master's thesis, Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, September, 2009

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