Juergen Mueller

Untersuchung und Klassifikation von Bildformaten und Kompressionsalgorithmen für unterschiedliche Anwendungsgruppen in der virtuellen Realität

Jürgen Müller


This bachelor's thesis is about formats and compression algorithms for texture in virtual applications. The latinbased term textura is literally tissue. In virtual reality this tissues I used to create surfaces for example surfaces from the real world. Applications have to be compressed into smaller forms because they need, among other things a huge amount of textures. This thesis describes the different kind of applications to help to choose right compression algorithms for any application. For this purpose, the DXGI_FORMAT_BC* Compression from Microsoft was evaluated. This compression produces texture files, which graphics card can processeds very well. Compression and file formats are tested and evaluated. This tests proved, that textures which where compressed with this compression are better than normal textures. There are two different types of compressions to choose from.

Publication Title

Bachelor's thesis, Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, October, 2007

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